Libgdx “Now what?” hangout

UPDATE: hangout happens on Friday, 20th of July, 22:00 CEST

After the great refucatoring of all things scene2d by our marvelous Nate, we have to set the goals for the next few iterations. I want to discuss this with as many people as possible, especially those on the active contributors list. Here’s what i have in mind so far:

  • bug fixing: go through issue tracker, assign the most serve things to slaves.
  • 3D API: Kalle did some excellent work in this regard, we need to tackle the dreaded format/exporter problem somehow. We could see if the Three.js and MonoGame guys want to team up with us.
  • iOS: need more people that can help test stuff. Other open points.
  • Documentation: the wiki isn’t done yet, we need to step it up a notch (lots of things have been added though, thanks to all contributors!).

Those are just from the top of my head. Feel free to add more in the comments.

Concerning schedule, here are my suggestions:

  • Monday, 15th of July, 22:00 CEST
  • Wednesday, 17th of July, 22:00 CEST
  • Friday, 19th of July, 22:00 CEST

Post your preference in the comments, i’ll anounce the concrete date as soon as all the lead devs responded (sorry, they have the say :p).

15 thoughts on “Libgdx “Now what?” hangout

  1. i am unavailable on monday this week. i think i will be on a train headed towards spain. wednesday/friday are okay, hostel wifi permitting 😀

  2. Is it possible to join the hangout only as the spectator? I probably will not have any vital contributions, but would like to hear what do You guys have to say

  3. I can do Monday or Friday.
    I just found out that I will have a bit of free time and would like to use it to help.
    iOS and wiki are the best bet.

  4. The three schedule options look good to me. I believe the iOS stuff is the most interesting, we have only an iPod 2nd generation with iOS 4.2.x (don’t remember the x) to test stuff but we have no mac to help with development.

    See ya in the hangout.

  5. Won’t be able to join any of those, but good luck on that 🙂
    I’m currently writing my thesis all day long. This takes all my time, spare or not, so I’m a little away from everything for now. Sorry about that.

    Once I’ll be up and ready again, I would love to discuss the tool suite. I think it’s time for the library to get a unified collection of dedicated automation tools. The setup application could see a lot more additions, and be extended to setup demos / tests, and link to other tools for instance. I can convert my TweenStudio into a timeline editor for actors actions, I have a particle editor in my bag, the physics editor will soon get support for dynamic objects, the texture-packer gui is ready to be used and the polygon editor will see more love.

    Even if some of these tools were released as generic applications, I would really love to provide a version of each one dedicated to libgdx only. I truly believe that automation is the best key to close the technology gap and to build successful game designs.

  6. That sounds great Obli. No worries, we can hangout whenever you have time 🙂

    biobob, would love to do so, but recording hangouts doesn’t work in my country.

  7. I just tried Hangouts On Air ( for myself. It was required to verify my Youtube profile using mobile phone number (I provided number without country prefix and it worked). At the same time, I also got ability to upload videos longer than 15 minutes. Note that when On Air is enabled, hangout session name is required.

    As a session creator I was able to trigger the recording and new option “Cameraman” appeared in the menu allowing me to control who will be visible/audible in the record. Useful against trolls :).

    P.S. I’m from Slovakia and Google usually ships their services “really well tested” here.

  8. Would it be worthwhile to attend the hangout if you just use libgdx? I’ve developed several games using libgdx and am interested in the direction things take.


  9. I’d like to join too Mario. (This is Gryzor). 😉 I will be in San Francisco, I’ll see how can I do it from there.

  10. @biobob, i’ll try that, thanks for the info.
    @tim, sure, we usually go off into silly stuff eventually, so everyone wins :p

  11. Im in the process of creating a libgdx based android game and high interest on iphone port. Ive al the needed infrastructure to help testing how things goes on on iphad,iphone when porting a full featured game to ios.

    Lt me know how i can help on testing ios port.

  12. *I know this message is two months old*

    I’ve got a MacBook an iPad 2nd Gen (with iOS 5.x). I think I can steal an iPhone from a couple of friend ( 😀 ) and have a game in development.
    So it looks like i can be one of those people that can help test stuff for iOS.

    I’m nomadster on the forum, and I have provided a real email on this reply.


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