a few updates

A couple updates to note:

  • Touchpad has been contributed to scene2d.ui by Josh Street. This is an onscreen joystick that moves in a circular area. Thanks Josh!
  • Tree has been added to scene2d.ui. It’s lightweight and pretty simplistic, but will work for many things. Each node has an actor, which can be anything, so it is easy to make a tree where each item has a checkbox, icon, text, button, etc.
  • GestureDetector saw some minor changes. The listener interface needed a few parameters that weren’t accessible any other way.
  • LWJGL has been updated to the latest.
  • I added DataOutput/DataInput classes to the utils package. We needed more utils classes! These extend DataOutput/InputStream and add a few useful methods for writing strings that may be null and variable length encoded integers. I had to restrain myself from copy/pasting Kryo into libgdx.
  • ScrollPane bug was fixed that had been there a long time. No one reported it, but every once in a while a fling would use the velocity from a previous fling.
  • Lots of other bugs have been fixed, including a nasty one with utils maps (thanks Gemserk!) and a few where I broke Sprite, TextureRegion, etc.


2 thoughts on “a few updates

  1. Touchpad is awsome. Going to figure out how to make it round instead of squared background.

  2. Cool, definitely have to checkout the touch pad!
    Was checking out andengine recently(for SVG support+ multiplayer demos), and saw their joystick demos. Pretty cool, and would save some time on needing to implement it.

    I really need to start contributing when I have everything compiling in Linux-

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