Jogl backend deprecation

update: and it’s gone

It’s been lurking in the air for quite a while now, but i will deprecate the Jogl backend this week. The Lwjgl backend is a lot more functional and stable, and actually easier to integrate in SWT or Swing apps via LwjglAWTCanvas. You can even add multiple canvas widgets that share the same context.

You’ve been warned!

4 thoughts on “Jogl backend deprecation

  1. People using the JOGL backend could still maintain the backend themselves, I mean, the backend is still implementable by anyone if they need it, right?

  2. Hah.. yeah… I was thinking about this the other day myself for my efforts. I think it’s just Sven G. who is keeping JOGL alive right? I’m also considering cutting out all but basic API and context creation support for OpenGL 1.x and solely focus on the programmable front. (I know what your response will be; don’t post it!!! 8/ Yes, demo forthcoming.. ;P)

  3. Hi

    I plan to port the JOGL backend to JOGL 2.0 this month.

    @Mike Leahy you’re completely wrong, JogAmp (JOGL, JOAL, JOCL, Java binding for OpenMAX) is actively maintained by several people, we have an increasing number of contributors and there are still a lot of scenegraphs supporting it including Ardor3D, JMonkeyEngine 2 & 3, Xith3D, Java3D…

    NEWT (the native windowing toolkit of JOGL 2.0) eases the integration with SWT, AWT, Swing and other toolkits. We already provide several bridges, we even have our own heavyweight canvases (for AWT and SWT). NEWT supports several screens, it is cross-platform (you can use it on Android too).

    JOGL 2.0 is a Java binding for OpenGL and for OpenGL-ES too now.

    I understand that some contributors may have had some difficulties to maintain the JOGL backend but I don’t want it to be definitively removed from LibGDX and as I’m responsible for engine support, I will do my best to port it as soon as possible.

    Please contact us on the official JogAmp forum if you want to use the JOGL backend. We will only maintain the new one which will be compatible with JOGL 2.0 as JOGL 1 is not maintained any more. Best regards.

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