Gdx-Setup-UI Needs You!

This is a guest post by Obli, do as he says!

Hello everyone,

These last days, I spent all my spare time on the gdx-setup-ui tool you may know. This desktop application is used to quickly create and setup the different eclipse projects required to use libgdx and all its backend, so you can concentrate on useful stuff, such as coding your game. Since version 2, you can also include some third-party libraries in your projects during this creation, and everything is handled for you: jar files are put in the correct folders and the project classpaths are edited to include the libraries. While there are not a lot of libraries available for now, this will change in the future. Expect the post-processing library (contributed by dudez) for instance, and many more.

Following this aim, I wanted to add a new functionality for a long time: being able to update the projects to the latest libgdx version with the same ease-of-use. This is easy to implement, the different jar files of the libgdx distribution just need to be copied to the correct folders, and that’s all. However, what I though would be really cool was to add this update support to the third-party libraries, i.e. to be able to select any third-party library in the list, and the tool would add it if it was not already present, or update it instead.

Since I barely have a few hours of spare-time per week currently, this took quite long to implement, but this is now done! Therefore, I need you, really: I don’t want to ship a broken release, so I need a real beta-test on this. Please report any bug or inconsistency you find.

Beta-test link

Project update configuration

Project update configuration > reviewing the classpaths

2 thoughts on “Gdx-Setup-UI Needs You!

  1. I forgot to write it in the post, but my conclusion would be: thank you, a lot! 😀

    As mentioned, the tool can add a library in an existing project even if it was not present during creation. Just select it in the library selection panel. Also, it can remove a library that you may not want anymore: don’t select it, and in the classpath review, delete the orange entries corresponding to this library.

    Classpath review is not the most easy stuff to understand and use for newcomers, but I think it’s mandatory to provide the best flexibility: libraries that you may have added manually, and that are not listed in the third-party list, won’t be remoevd during the update process.

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