4 thoughts on “Libgdx Hangout – iOS status, Mavenization

  1. Suckers, hanging out without me!

    Cocoa. KOH-KOH! :p

    iOS blah blah… :p

    Maven blah blah… oh god. I expect you’ll solve some problems and create some new ones while wasting lots of time. Enjoy! 😀 I fear it is inevitable that the time wasting escapes and affects everyone trying to use libgdx. Eg, the shitty Maven Eclipse plugin. Let me develop like I do now and I won’t say a word about the silly hoops ya’ll want to jump through! 😀

  2. As Nate mentioned my ears perked up at “Mavenization”… You guys got something good started with the project / configuration app. Reminds me of what Juce is like a little bit though I haven’t used probably the latest version re libgdx for a full comparison. Juce has an extremely simple module + dependency description text format that drives the project configuration GUI.

    What about Gradle? I still have an eye out for using Gradle as the back end to a project / configuration GUI app for my efforts such that the end dev / user doesn’t need to concern themselves with the details under the hood.

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