Changes to Live Wallpaper API

We changed the live wallpaper API slightly.

We introduced a parameter to createListener that tells you if this is a wallpaper preview or not. Simple as that. The rest stays the same for now. There may be a few more changes if bug fixes require them. Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Changes to Live Wallpaper API

  1. Great we needed this :).

    However I have problem with Settings. If you set your wallpaper as home screen wallpaper, then go back change some settings (SharedPrefs), changes applies in preview, but nothing changes in home screen wallpaper. (But, if you set another wallpaper, and set your wallpaper again, then new settings works, because service is started again)

    Wallpaper is running service, I does not get latest changes. I dont know if it is caused from LibGDX backend, or something about my code :(.

  2. I think this preview approach is not practical.

    Once you set as wallpaper, CreateListener not initiated again. (For example you set as wallpaper, and go back change some stuff in preivew mode, then set as wallpaper again, THEN NO ACCESS IF IS PREVIEW OR NOT)

    preview should be isPreview() method, which can used anywhere, anythime.

  3. createListener is actually called multiple times: whenever a preview of your lwp is shown, and when you the lwp as your background. So, this works.

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