“Mobile Game Engine: Interviews with Mobile Game Engine Developers” is out

Jason Brownlee is not an unknown in the mobile gaming space. He created the Mobile Game Engines site, a valuable list of currently available frameworks and engines for mobile platforms.

Jason has been reaching out to various mobile game engine developers, including guys from Moai, Corona, Kobol2D, Copperlicht and so on and so forth. The end result is a ~260 pages book, with extensive interviews where you get to know the history and thinking process of the folks behind those frameworks and engines. I was especially surprised seeing that three of the folks in the book are actually Austrians (me, Nikolaus of Irrlicht and Copperlicht fame, and Daniel of Sparrow and Starling fame).

The books a fun read and i recommend getting it. The copy editing isn’t super optimal, but it doesn’t distract to heavily from enjoying the content.

You can get a paperback edition here and the e-book version here.

As a special bonus, you can get my entire interview free of charge in PDF form. You’ll get to know some of the history of libgdx and my thoughts on things. And tons of typos, sorry for that.

5 thoughts on ““Mobile Game Engine: Interviews with Mobile Game Engine Developers” is out

  1. Austria, not far from me, I am in East Czech.

    The book does sound interesting, thanks for the heads up on it.

  2. Finally we’ll get to know the “man behind the mask” 😉

    It would be cool to get an interview about Nate too.

    I’ve been reading “All Your Base Are Belong to Us”, “Masters of Doom”, and now “Jacked”, and it is helpful to get a back history of how other game creators started, and challenges/ accomplishments they had to go through. Makes the impossible things they do seem more possible.

  3. I’m going to have to discover how to compile LibGDX from source some day soon. So many things already coded that would have saved a lot of time. In your interview you mentioned a bunch of things in LibGDX, that I hadn’t found yet. “Gestures” would/will save me tons of time.

    When I figure out how to compile, I’ll have to do a write up of all the features already in
    there. For all I know I could save a months development time using scene2d 😉

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