Win 20.000$ in OUYA/Kill Screen game jam with libgdx

Kill Screen and OUYA are collaborating on a game jam with tons of price money price money.

Libgdx is already working nicely with OUYA, however, we haven’t officially released the support (which basically includes a nice crossplatform gamepad/joystick library). Nate and I plan on publising the following information tomorrow:

  • Docs for the gamepad API
  • How to get up and running with libgdx and OUYA (wiki article)
  • A short video showing you how the OUYA works in real-life, and what to expect

Since pretty much nobody has a dev kit, i offer to test your APKs on the one that the OUYA folks kindly sended to us. Stay tuned for more information and goodies tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Win 20.000$ in OUYA/Kill Screen game jam with libgdx

  1. Got my dev kit ready here πŸ™‚ After looking around decided on using libGDX for my Ouya game Farm Fight, which will hopefully be ready enough for an entry. This is very welcome news!

  2. Great initiative! Will there be any means for testing gamepad APIs integration without the device? An emulator, or a testing backend that maps to keyboard on desktop?

  3. This has great potential, Let’s hope teaches some important lessons to console manufacturers. That or destroys them. Less money, more power, much easier to make games on, and with any luck if any fps games came out they would actually let me use my mouse.

  4. I could well be very interested as my game is now effectively finished, just putting final touches.

    Also my game would lend itself very well to big screen telly and dual joystick control which Ouya would offer.

    Mario you are a star for pursuing this.

  5. Ah, just read the “Game Jam” is create game in 10 tens, not for me then.

    Still I am interested on getting my game on Ouya as well as Android.

    Does Ouya model follow advertising or just cheap sales or free lite and cheap full or ?….

  6. Cool- thanks for getting us the notice early, before it actually starts, so that we have time to prepare!

    One not though “You’ll need to show that you pre-ordered an OUYA or backed OUYA’s Kickstarter”, so that probably prevents a lot of people from competing in the competition.

    It’s nice that you can start now, and the due date is in more than 10 days. I would compete, but hadn’t pre-ordered the system. Still a good opportunity for anyone who has!

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