More libgdx games on iOS App Store!

New releases for iOS are always fun to report on 🙂

Tescott aka Gushiku Studios released Toy Slots on iOS about a week ago. He’s contributed a new audio backend to the iOS libgdx backend based on ObjectAL. Super cool!

Also, Ironhide Games released Clash of the Olympians on iOS today! The game was released a while ago on Android. Team Gemserk have been working on both the Android and iOS version for Ironhide, and contributed a new OpenGL backend to the libgdx ios backend.

All around excellent stuff, super excited we finally see some libgdx games appearing on the app store.

I already created the new iOS template for the setup UI, it’s pending integration. I’ll try to get this to you guys this week. Pinky promise 😀

7 thoughts on “More libgdx games on iOS App Store!

  1. Great news!I see that Clash of the Olympians is not compatible with iPad.Is there a problem with libgdx’s ios port for now or is that their choice?

  2. Libgdx works on all iOS devices that support iOS 5. I personally can only test on iPads, so i know its working. Might be a choice by Ironhide.

  3. Looks like Clash of the Olympians requires iOS 3.2 or later.I think supporting iOS 4.3 and later is very important.What about that?Will there be a problem?

  4. Nice!

    At least now I can also recommend using LibGDX to people asking about iOS development-

    I’ll be using it to publish on iOS in the future!

  5. thanks for it… have been waiting since Oct 2012!

    May I know are all current LibGdx APIs working? for example will the Preference classes be able to save/load data in IOS side too? (Using UserDefault?)

    Thanks again! really exciting to hear IOS backend will be released soon!

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