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The Swarm team has been in contact with us for quite sometime. Appearently lots of libgdx folks use Swarm, which makes me and Swarm rather happy. After their glorious SDK update earlier this week, they now published a libgdx/Swarm example.

It’s based on our Super Jumper demo game, and shows you how easy it is to get all the great features of Swarm integrated in a libgdx game. Especially with the new Twitter/Facebook/Google+ sign-in, Swarm is a wonderful way to connect your players!

I totally wasn’t paid for this. Really.

17 thoughts on “Swarm Connect Libgdx Guide – By Swarm Connect

  1. Cool!
    But will people complain about this like they did with openfeint?
    I never used it in my apps yet, but would have liked to. But every app that included it has soooo many negative reviews, just about that fact.

    I’ll probably try out swarm (mainly due to the tutorial, and being curious + have the need for a global highscore system anyway + save some time setting up the web backend), but wan’t to make sure there are no reason people might not like it.

  2. The Swarm team actually gives a fuck. It was their CEO Matt who did the Super Jumper integration. I think that’s telling. Anything can go to shit, but it’s less likely to happen to Swarm for the foreseeable future imo.

  3. @ChrisM:

    We used OpenFeint in a number of games (and some of the other competitors too) and we thought we could do it better, so we built Swarm. Our goal is to create something that’s fast, easy to implement, and something users actually enjoy interacting with :). Based on adoption and feedback thus far, I think we’re onto something. We also welcome the thoughts and feedback of the community, so if you need anything or have comments, then emailing support(at)swarmconnect(d0t)com is encouraged.


  4. Cool, thanks!

    It’s good to see existing apps using it – I saw on the site that “Gyro”(fairly popular) uses it, and didn’t see any negative reviews about it’s inclusion.

    Thanks for offering it, writing the tutorial, and supporting it! I’ll definitely be trying it out!

  5. I wanted to integrate swarm before but then i read it was not accepted in Amazon appstore so i did not integrate it. So do you know if my app will be accepted in amazon Appstore if i integrate swarm??

  6. @Tiarsoft

    Good question. There is function that should be called in the version you’re shipping to Amazon’s App store that will make it compatible with their requirements (shown below). Many developers have already successfully used this to deploy apps to Amazon’s app store.

    Please call this function any time after Swarm has been initialized: Swarm.enableAlternativeMarketCompatability();

    This function removes all links and references to Google Play in Swarm and therefore makes it compatible with the Amazon App Store policies. We’ll have to make sure that gets added to the FAQ so its easier to find in the future :).

    If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to support(at)swarmconnect(dOt)com

  7. Beautiful!
    Will be including swarm in my games for sure.

    (Just wish I could find what my cut of the sales are)

  8. @Tiarsoft

    Could you email us a link to where you read that Swarm-enabled game “was not accepted in Amazon appstore”? We just want to make sure that a comment can be posted and the information corrected :). Thanks!

  9. thanks for ur answer.
    I’ll integrate swarm in the next update to my games.
    this is the website its the second post.

  10. I had trouble finding out what this thing costs. Then somewhere deeply burried in the faq it says it’s free!? kind of amazing 🙂 I think you should put this more prominently on the site.

    definitely going to try this out when I get a chance

  11. @tiarsoft

    I just had a conversation w/our lead developer and he said you can call Swarm.enableAlternativeMarketCompatability(); at any time. Swarm doesn’t even have to be initialized yet.


    Yep, free :).

  12. I tried OpenFient and they would not open account for me and then they dropped the service.

    I tried Scoreloop and found it too hard to integrate.

    I tried Heyzap due to the slick interface and internet only permission required for your app but that after a week of having a game live with it did annoy with the notifications so I took it out of the game.

    Swarm is decent easy to integrate and the people at swarm are helpful and friendly. Good luck to them. The recent update helped and they are going in the right direction.

  13. @ Silverwolf
    Thanks for sharing your experience with the different platforms :). We appreciate the feedback!

    Glad to hear you’re liking the new library style!

  14. Yep, I agree, Swarm is easy to implement, works really well, seems to be updated regularly, and their team is very friendly and responsive.

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