7 thoughts on “Nate’s and Shiu’s Spine now on Kickstarter

  1. Awesome, hope it does well! Looks like it since it’s already over 50% funded 😉

    Did you do any other marketing for the Kickstarter, or is this just the first day + place you posted it?

    Either way, grats!

  2. looks really great. 2 years ago i started out to make a cinematic platformer and it took me ages (esp. with only weekends) to code a 2d animation system with blending, a cinema 4d exporter and so on. i needed one year to realize that this was no leisure time project scope any more.
    awesome project, especially what i have seen from the vid concerning user-friendly interface!

  3. Really good project and for the price a kinda must have for most of us I would guess, and I backed it. Will be looking forward to watching some tutorials on how best to use it in the future.

  4. Guys,

    First off, backed it immediately.

    Second: Why haven’t I’ve seen this promoted somewhere on this site?
    I really commend you guys for keeping promotion of your other projects seperate from libgdx.

    BUT COME ON, this is far too big and awesome to stash away!
    Have a list with all libraries associated with libgdx or something!

    Promote this!

    And rock on!

    And thanks again for libgdx 🙂

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