Warning: Tilemap API about to change!

Nex and Siondream have been hard at work refactoring the tile-map APIs. You can follow their progress on this branch on Github.

The most noticeable change is the removal of the tiled preprocessor. No longer do you have to preprocess your tilemaps. Other changes include support for both Tiled maps as well as Gleed2D maps. You can also easily create your own maps programmatically or write a loader for your own maps format real quick. We also support isometric tilemaps now and you can change the maps on the fly. Animated tiles are something that Nex may or may not work on.

Check out the tests in the branch linked to above. We’ll go live in a few days, after finishing up some docs and merging into master.

14 thoughts on “Warning: Tilemap API about to change!

  1. This is VERY good news! I’m just glad I didn’t start my project that relied on the TileMap yet.

    I would love if the animated tiles were implemented so I don’t have to hack it in there plus my artist would probably find it easier.

    This really made my day!

  2. Exciting, I had to jump through a bunch of hoops and extend the preprocessor to be able to use map textures with a matching normal maps, hopefully these changes won’t make that more difficult (though easier would be nice!)

  3. Great work. I looked into libgdx tiled and found it didn’t support hexagon maps. I expect new system will be more flexible as Gleed2D maps aren’t tile-aligned. The new system also looks easier to write loaders for. I intend to merge and contribute my PyxelEdit map loader once the API is stable.

  4. I am very excited about this. I started a project requiring Tiled support and couldn’t get the current implementation to work, so I had to hand-roll a shoddy implementation myself. I am very, very excited for this!

  5. Fantastic! This is great news! Looking forward to finishing my current game so I have a reason to try out the new API. 🙂

  6. Uhm, hopefully this won’t break much in terms of interface changes: current implementation may not be the greatest but it’s working fine for me 😛

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