8 thoughts on “Spine ends Kickstarter, $67,569, 1533 backers!

  1. Awesome news! (I was really hopping for the Free-form deformation)
    Can’t wait to use spine in some games.

  2. Awesome! I was hoping they would hit the $85k after it shot up in the last few days, but knew it didn’t seem likely 😉

    It’s an awesome tool for 2D animation, replaced my use of Flash IDE- and it doesn’t crash 5x a day, so I’m saving lots of time 😉

  3. Spine looks awesome and very easy to use, and it’s great that almost all the goals were reached!
    I will definitively use it on my next game

  4. I’m finishing my game and I wish I knew about the Spine earlier. Few days more and it would hit the $87k – I’m sure there are many late developers like me.

    I just have bought the Spine and it’s worth every single dollar. I can’t wait for the free-form deformation. It’s all what I need more from this great tool. Good job!

  5. i am too late… i also want to get a discounted license!!! still available to be a bucker now???

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