Updates to Box2D Wrapper

I just updated the Box2D wrapper to the latest C++ version. See the CHANGES file for what changed. There’s a new joint which i don’t expose in our JNI wrapper yet, because there’s no equivalent in the GWT emulation (motor joint). There are also new methods in body/join called shiftOrigin which aren’t exposed either yet.

The only breaking change was the addition of a new boolean parameter called wake to all the Body#applyXXX methods. This parameter controls whether the body should be awoken when applying the force/impulse/torque.

Nightlies will be ready in an hour from now. Enjoy.

In other news, as you can see, i can’t really go on a break, for whatever f’ing reason. I’ll try so again next week. The red shirts on the forums and the folks on IRC will be at your service in the meantime, as always.

4 thoughts on “Updates to Box2D Wrapper

  1. Advice: if computer has to be on leave browser and your dev tools off.
    If browser must be on, download a portable firefox or something that won’t have the tantalizing ligdx bookmarks(plus your other works). only way I was able to stop programming for a day.

    If all else fails let your brain at least take one day off 😛

  2. “Sigh”, and I was hoping for a post about you getting LibGDX working on windows phones, the new Blackberry’s, and Nokia phones, not to mention ancient Motorola v60 flip phones. What do you do with your week off? 😉

    Nah, hope you get some rest soon! You don’t want to get burned out on LibGDX development.
    And it doesn’t seem like there is anything ultra pressing.

    Go outside, enjoy nature (should be spring time) – play some video games, spend more time at the gym, tidy up your work area/spring cleaning, lots of stuff to do.
    Hope you enjoy some time off!

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