No Google Summer of Code 2013 for libgdx

We just got the notification from Google, libgdx has not been accepted as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code this year. Thanks for everyone involved for your efforts!

We’ll get feedback from Google on the 19th on IRC, until then we can only guess as to why we were rejected. We’ll try to apply again next year 🙂

12 thoughts on “No Google Summer of Code 2013 for libgdx

  1. Indeed! Definitely no reason to feel sad. The idea list gives us a nice writeup of what potential future features we want to integrate and who’s responsible for them.

  2. Do you guys know which ones got accepted? Im just curious to figure out with what criteria google chose the others over libgdx? Anyway good job guys, the idea list is indeed big and hopefully will expand more by the next year!

  3. Libgdx is great for 2d but for 3d games it is horibal this is why it was rejected, try to put good 3d examples like jpct or irirrlicht or ogre 3d or jmonkey3 so

    it will be accepted by google

  4. It’s not a problem. We’ll contribute without Google Summer of Code.

    When I used texture packer in, I thought about gui for this tool. But then I found and used libgdx-texturepacker-gui on google code. So, I think, it’ll be good idea to create list of tasks, which are required to create high-level layer above low-level libgdx to use it more efficient at higher levels. (Or you use github issues for that?).

    I like libgdx. And want to contribute to it. But I don’t know it well enough to contribute to core. So, I think, it’s good idea to set some mentors for young and not-yet-well-experienced developers like me. 🙂 Someone, who can help with code review and setting up problem boundaries. This will be very cool.

    And offtopic: LD #26 will be soon. Let’s show power of libgdx to gamedev community. 🙂

    Good luck!

  5. What Dan said.

    Libgdx is powering up the 3D-engine, so it can’t be that. I can only see one “problem” with libgdx. Development is happening so fast, that no tutorials can keep up with it. I was following a tutorial, and already by the third of nine parts, there was a notice about a change in libgdx, forcing you to change some code. Then again at the sixth and eighth part, and then the ninth and last part was ONLY about what to change to make the project work, after a new version was released. Can’t blame the guy for not completing the tutorial.

    Now that things are settling down (wait, are they?) we should see more complete tutorials. I would love to write one, if I felt sure what I’m doing is right ^^

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