Post your LD48/libgdx games

I want to gather the games made with libgdx for this weekend’s LD. Just post a link to the entry page in the comments.

18 thoughts on “Post your LD48/libgdx games

  1. I played it but it gave me a GWT error on level 3 🙁

    Looks awesome congrats from a fellow Spanish developer 😉

  2. I’ve done plenty playthroughs on both desktop and GWT without any crashes. Can you remember the error? Was it one of those cryptic ones :-P?

    Thanks for the feedback mate! Go Spanish developers :-D.

  3. I could reproduce the error, sorry for the bad news :(, I also manage to go out side the level bounds (pressing left and right too fast between the levels). The error completely block the screen game and almost my macosx due to ram consumption xD.

    The error I receive was: GwtApplicacion: exception: (TypeError) stack and toooons of references to the same GWT file E**… (In order to reproduce the error I open the game and in the menu I pressed left right and space a little bit fast and the error just happend)

    Your wellcome I hope you can fix the error 😉

  4. yeap its true i can cheat the game by going out side of level bounds and then find the green light like a boss haha. Desktop version works fine and so much smoother

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