box2dlights now build nightly

Many folks are using Kalle’s box2dlights library. As the name implies, it’s a box2d based 2D lighting system, that’s very simple to integrate into your game. We now build nightlies for it on the build server. I highly suggest using those from now on. You can find them at Works with all backends, including the GWT backend thanks to siondream providing a few minor fixes.

Obligatory screenshot:

8 thoughts on “box2dlights now build nightly

  1. Cool thing. Maybe exporting my currently-Android-only-game “Hungry Archie” as a web project will now work without a hassle. Looking forward to it!

  2. I really appreciate your work.But would you like to make the lib more simple to use? For example,in old vesion of libgdx, we can get the array of tiles by TiledLayer.tiles, I can use it to calculate AStar path.But in the lastest version.They are packaged too complex.How can I get the original data? I think too much class package can cause lower efficiency. Thank you.

  3. I recently made a game using Kalle’s box2dlight library but could not port my game on web. I updated my project with latest nightlies and used . Check the html project for dependency of box2dlights.jar and box2dlights-sources.jar under export tab . but still m getting this error

    No source code is available for type box2dLight.RayHandler; did you forget to inherit a required module?

    One more thing You mentioned that it will work on all backend , so is there anything that i need to do to port it on ios ??? or shall i just run it on Xamarin ??

  4. Great, it was causing me headaches before because of the randomness of bugs that were caused by out of date jars. 🙂

  5. Nice! I used box2dlights in GemDrop and found it very simple to use although I didn’t quite leverage the full power of it. Great you included it in the nightlies 🙂

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