Reflection API with GWT support!

Nex just finished his work on our new reflection API. You may ask why we need that? We not only target proper JVMs, but also GWT. GWT has no support for reflection. To give you reflection support, we created a simple API close the the standard Java APIs, that is now supported across platforms.

This also allows us to remove quite a few of the emulation classes in the GWT backend. An emulation class is a special version for GWT, that uses GWT specifics to implement its functionality. This mostly concerned things involving reflection. With the addition of this new API, we were able to eliminate quite a few of these emulated classes, and hence reduce code duplication.

Thanks to Nex for his awesome work. You can find more information on the API on this wiki page.

3 thoughts on “Reflection API with GWT support!

  1. Sweet! That should make my extensive use of Pools for my own classes no longer a hurdle to a GWT version!

    Although, why is newInstance declared as

    static public Object newInstance (Class c) throws ReflectionException

    rather than

    static public T newInstance(Class c) throws ReflectionException


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