libgdx and Android x86

For quite some time now, folks have asked if we could provide Android x86 builds of our native libraries. Today we granted that wish. The nightlies now come packaged with x86 Android binaries of our native libraries. This includes, as well as the natives of gdx-bullet, gdx-freetype and gdx-image. gdx-audio is currently only available for ARM, due to it using ARM assembly to speed up decoding.

To use the x86 natives, simply copy the x86/ folder from the nightlies to your Android project’s libs/ folder (next to the armeabi and armeabi-v7a folder). The setup-ui will not add those libraries for you automatically. I opted to do it this way for the time being as x86 Android devices are super rare, and you’d just blow up the size of your APK unnecessarily.

I also removed That contained our custom Android OpenGL ES 2.0 bindings. They are now directly compiled into the file.


7 thoughts on “libgdx and Android x86

  1. Awesome! Using a VM with Android to test on is 100x faster than an emulator, and like 10x faster(deployment) than a fast device 😀

  2. But you could always just run it on desktop, with great support for hot swap makes debugging and running fast and easy. 🙂

  3. But that is just the standard version (which I do 99% of testing in), but Android specific stuff (like seeing how ads look on different resolution, doing alerts, starting intents) you either have to use the emulator, an actual device, or VM(now).
    Time saved testing: Java/Desktop>VM>Actual Device>Emulator 😀

  4. Buhahhahah – running multiple virtual box’s with open gl 2.0, testing out Google Play game services! It’s lovely how it’s almost as fast compiling+ running as LibGDX(Java on PC) (although the debugging is not as nice)

    Thanks again! I don’t actually have enough physical devices to test out some things, but I can run at least 2 virtual Android devices with fast openGL 2.0 rendering, with only 8% cpu usage 😀
    Sucks they didn’t make Google Player Services just Java, so I could use it in the HTML versions….

  5. The new galaxy tab will have and x86 intel processor. Imao its important to support those devices as intel is creating great cpus.

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