scene2d, SelectBoxStyle changes

Nate is back! To celebrate, I break your code. I break all your codes! SelectBoxStyle has been modified so you can fully style the drop down list. Previously you could only set the list background and selection, like this:

Now instead of listBackground and listSelection you need to give a ScrollPaneStyle and a ListStyle:

Of course with the scene2d Skin JSON magic, you can reference previously defined styles:

If you use a SelectBox, you’ll need to make similar changes. Sorry for the minor breakage, but it’s better! The main reason to do it was to allow the scrollbars to be styled on the list. Previously if the list had many items the scrollbars were not visible and could only be scrolled by dragging, which was not intuitive.

In other news, the honeymoon was awesome. Now it is back to work on libgdx and Spine. Amazing how far behind you can get in just two weeks! Also, say hello to our new family member, Moo the Puggle:

Moo the Puggle

Some more pics. The last one is Mario beating her. 🙁 More like Wario — zing!

2 thoughts on “scene2d, SelectBoxStyle changes

  1. Awww. She’s so cute! Bad Mario, bad!!! Your wife should beat him. Haha

    On more a serious note, thanks for the heads up. This will definitely be useful in my current project, and I’m glad for all of the hard work and love you and Mario have put into libGDX.

    Also, congratulations on the honeymoon. I wish you two the best of luck and that both of you make us all jealous!

  2. Looks like it turned into a fruitful honeymoon- if you don’t pickup a dog, you didn’t do it right 😉

    The dog is cute- you should make him the official LiBGDX mascot, and post how big he is every 3 months ( unless it takes time away from coding 😉 )

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