And now for something completely different – Online Ghost

I stumbled upon the excellent british TV series “Black Mirror” today and watched all 6 episodes (ya, i got no life…). One episode in particular caught my attention. It was called “Be Right Back”. Synopsis: couple moves to the country side, guy is heavily invested in his tech and online persona, guy dies, grieving wife is signed up for a service that takes her deceased husbands online output and creates an artificial persona from it.

Now, i don’t aim for creating an artificial persona of course, but the thought of archiving all my online output is an interesting one. For myself, i’d would be kind of like an ever updating time capsule, that lets me look back at what i did online over the years. Another, creepier and probably unhealthy option is to provide access to that archive to relatives and friends should i get hit by a truck.

I think that this would be pretty feasible, given that my online activities are limited to email, chat, the blog, twitter and reddit (atm).

I guess i’ll waste some free time on this idea, maybe i can come up with something funky.

9 thoughts on “And now for something completely different – Online Ghost

  1. I’d like it if graves had a USB port from which you could get a copy of some data the dead guy had put on previously, for example the online output, like a digital testament. It would be very interesting to get insight of people’s lives who have been dead for decades. Also it makes it easier for people to remember (or even get to know) you when you’re dead.

  2. It’s hard to say just how much modern fiction owes to William Gibson’s
    – Neuromancer, Count Zero, and Mona Lisa Overdrive. Fantastic novels, only partly for the mind-bending technology: AIs, cybernetics, and what you remind me of – the neural computers that can “clone” someone’s former mind… 🙂

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