The Great libgdx Issue Tracker & Wiki Github Migration

A little less than a year ago, we moved all our code from Google Code to Github. That was a nerve racking but ultimately beneficial task. Since our move, we had almost 600 pull requests!

A few months ago we rewrote our website, with the help of Bitowl and XKlibur from IKIGames (whom you all should follow!). We added some nice features, like allowing you to submit your games to our gallery, among other things.

Now it’s time to complete the cycle. Today i’m going to migrate our issue tracker to Github, and move the Wiki there as well. Sinistersnare (you can meet him on IRC) went crazy and manually translated our entire Google Code Wiki to a Github Wiki. Not sure yet how to repay him, but we all should be super proud to have such kind souls in our community!

The final step will be to integrate the wiki with the official site, and replace the current documentation page. This will be done in a similar way as it’s already done for the news blog posts. And i will add a comment system via Disqus so folks can leave comments. The Github Wiki will be publicly editable, through the history we can track if someone does something stupid and revert. I hope this will futher help improving the libgdx documentation and make it easier for newcomers to find the info they need.

Wish me luck and send a pony to sinistersnare!

8 thoughts on “The Great libgdx Issue Tracker & Wiki Github Migration

  1. Thanks for your effort to make this framework be better everyday, I think these changes will help to have a lot more of info available. Of course, all of luck to you, and we’ll get a nice pony to sinestersnare, he deserves!.

  2. Hello, im extremely happy to have migrated the wiki for you, and i hope that i can continue to help the (awesome) libgdx community.

    I usually hang around IRC as sinistersnare if you want to get a hold of me, or by twitter or gmail under the same moniker.

    please make sure to hit the ‘edit’ button on the top of any wiki page if you see a mistake!

    Thanks for making such an awesome game library badlogic!

  3. Congrats! What are you planning to do with the GoogleCode repo now? Just leave it as a static read-only redirect I suppose?

    I’m dying to get the jME project moved over to GitHub. Greatly appreciate all the info you’ve been sharing about your own move. Personally I’m leaning more towards using Jekyll for our wiki, as it’s easier to extend with plugins and will be a breeze to mirror on our own domain, integrated nicely with the rest of the website. Gonna use for the community-editing.

  4. Yes, we’ll just have it idle statically until Google closes down Google Code (which i think will happen soon :D). I haven’t heard about Jekyll, thanks for the tip. Can it be integrated with Github? I’d really like to have things at at most two places: Github and the official site.

    Oh, and you guys should totally look into RoboVM!

  5. Jekyll is the lightweight page/blog engine that GitHub Pages is running on. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

    (though they seem to have made their Docs repo in GitHub private).

    Basically what you do instead of having a Gollum wiki is that you run a separate branch for your docs, which you can display under your own (sub-)domain name. So docs would be hosted and displayed on GitHub (as .md files), but also displayed on your site. Could be that it’s possible to achieve the same thing with Gollum, but I certainly haven’t come by a good method for it yet.

    And, we’re looking into RoboVM (doesn’t seem that different from Avian though, which we’ve already got working); the only remaining piece of the puzzle is putting an iOS renderer together.

  6. For some of the things (like changing links from [url text] to [text](url), or generating tables of contents) i made a simple script in python and ran links through that, but mostly it was just crude manual labour. I didnt want to miss things like adding syntax highlighting to code blocks, or checking the validity of links while going through. It was mostly a 1:1 migration, but i took some pride in my work, so i looked through most all of the pages.

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