Libgdx and Bullet Physics on iOS via RoboVM

Silky smooth 60fps. All hail Xoppa!

JNI invocation overhead is extremely low with RoboVM, and we compile Bullet with NEON enabled for iOS. Really impressive. Take that Unity :p

3 thoughts on “Libgdx and Bullet Physics on iOS via RoboVM

  1. Hello,
    I tried to run the bulletbasictest. It runs fine in simulator, on running in device the app crashes with a error

    16/1/14 3:56:41 PM: [ERROR] AppLauncher failed with an exception:
    16/1/14 3:56:41 PM: [ERROR] java.lang.RuntimeException: Unexpected response from debugserver: $X00#00
    16/1/14 3:56:41 PM: [ERROR] at org.robovm.libimobiledevice.util.AppLauncher.launchInternal(
    16/1/14 3:56:41 PM: [ERROR] at org.robovm.libimobiledevice.util.AppLauncher.launch(
    16/1/14 3:56:41 PM: [ERROR] at$

    Please help

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