Apps World London 2013

Was invited again to give a talk on Android optimization thingamajings and did just that. I decided to give a quick tour of all the available tools for memory and performance analysis, and compiled a sizeable list of references for folks to consume for more detail. Slides:

Stef managed to sneakily record the video, in fake portrait mode. Just pretend there’s only audio and you’ll be good. Otherwise prepare for some serious neck pain:

I wished the Apps World organizers would record the free talks and put them up on the web.


I also did another round of book signing at the Apress booth. It’s always awesome to get to the booth and see a huge queue. Thanks for everyone grabbing a free book!

On the second day i had the pleasure of listening to Steve Wozniak in a sort of keynote/interview hybrid for an hour. I was able to sneak into the press area, so first row directly in front of the Woz. An entertaining and insightful talk. It was also interesting to see how tech journalists work (it involves iPads, trying to type really really fast, eventually failing).

Meet a lot of old and new folks, which is always a blast. Special shout out to Badly Drawn Rod and our friends from Imagination Technologies which approached me after the talk. Thanks for Sixdegrees for inviting me again, always a pleasure.

2 thoughts on “Apps World London 2013

  1. Hey Mario, I’m enjoying learning android from your book’ Beginning Android games’. Its a fun read and a great help. Thank you.

  2. Excellent material, very informative and concise. It’s too bad the DMMS and Tracer demonstration can’t be seen on video 🙁

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