Libgdx 0.9.9 released!

It’s been a while since we did a release. The reasons for this delay are the new 3D API as well as the RoboVM backend which is now replacing the deprecated Xamarin iOS backend. But let’s have a closer look at all the changes and new features, shall we?

Download 0.9.9!

New 3D API

Xoppa’s been working away on this for quite some time now, with minimal help and input from the rest of the team. The result is a really nice, easy to use 3D API, that’s focused on the programmable pipeline of OpenGL ES 2.0. You can find more information on the wiki.

The new 3D API let’s you work with FBX, which is the industry standard of 3D formats. We have a special little C++ project called fbx-conv that allows you to convert FBX with a libgdx format that’s extremely fast to load at runtime. We hope that htis work can also help other frameworks and engines, as the 3D format problem is one of the toughest ones to solve in that space.

The 3D API supports a metric ton of features, from cubemaps to (experimental) shadowmaps and GPU skinned animation. Xoppa’s constantly improving this feature set, so start playing with it! Here’s a video videos by Xoppa, demonstrating some of the new features. As with all libgdx APIs, we try to keep things as flexible as possible. Feedback welcome!

RoboVM backend

RoboVM is now our official iOS solution, and works exceptionally well. It’s easier to work with, as the tool chain is a lot more sane than our Xamarin based hack. It’s performance is very good, especially compared to the IKVM/Xamarin backend. Many folks have already released their games via RoboVM, and there’s an ongoing community effort to bind to APIs like Google Play Games Service, Facebook or Game Center. Here’s our bullet extension working smoothly on an iPad 2, Delver and Demise of Nations:

This “new” backend makes developing for iOS free, apart from the mandatory Apple Tax (developer license at 99$/y, Mac). Take that MonoGame :p.

All the instructions on how to run a libgdx app on iOS have been updated accordingly in the Wiki, check it out. I’ll update the tutorial video as soon as i have a better mic.

Updated 3rd party libs

We are now running on the latest stable releases of LWJGL, box2d and Bullet physics. The Bullet wrapper has seen some changes since it’s initial conception, see this blog post and this blog post.

Android x86 support

That’s been a feature request for a while, and we granted that specific wish a while ago. We don’t add the x86 shared libraries by default, but it’s easy to do so manually. Also, there’s still time to participate in this x86 related challenge by Intel and win fancy prizes!

Gradle and Maven

Libgdx is now a first class Maven citizen. All backends and extensions except the gdx-audio extension have no been added to Maven (groupId: com.badlogicgames.libgdx, version: 0.9.9). We also started working on a Gradle based build for libgdx projects, which (will) neatly coexist with Eclipse and IntelliJ. The latest nightlies as well as the 0.9.9 release contain a gdx-setup.jar, which is a command line application allowing you to generate a Gradle based libgdx project. If Scala and/or SBT are your poison, check out this neat SBT based libgdx build by ajhager. Note, the old gdx-setup UI will be replaced by the Gradle based solution soonish!

Non-Code Changes

We’ve been working on our build system quite heavily over the past few months, simplifying it where possible, and integrating Maven as a first class citizen. We also created a new official site with the help of XKalibur and Bitowl, which looks a lot nice than the old coder-art page. Note: you can submit your game to our gallery!. While this won’t drive tons of traffic to your game, it’s nice to share what you worked on with us. We love seeing and playing your games 🙂

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Of course we also did a metric ton of bug fixing, and improved many areas of the API and implementation. Here’s the full changelog, which you can also follow in our Git repository.

Next Up

My personal focus will be on the Gradle build and improving the RoboVM backend. I’m also eyeballing some scripting solutions for integration as an extension. Another future extension should be a cross-platform, pluggable IAP solution. We already have a PR discussing the architecture for that on Github. Xoppa will surely continue his amazing work on the 3D API, i expect great things to come out of this soon.


Big thanks to all of the libgdx devs and the community who make libgdx what it is. Thanks for being awesome!

Happy coding!

26 thoughts on “Libgdx 0.9.9 released!

  1. Thank you for the hard work and passion you have all demonstrated in this really cool library (the best)!

  2. Great, Awesome, Wounderful, my english vocabulary is too weak to express how I feel at each new release.

  3. Now its time to gear up for the next release! I cant wait to see all the cool things in 1.0.0 (or 0.9.10?)!

  4. Thanks Mario and all the folks that work on this really really wonderfull framework.


  5. Mario, Great work. One question, the groupid of maven is “com.badlogicgames.libgdx” or com.badlogicgames.gdx”?

  6. Fantastic work there guys. Very impressed.

    One question though, does RoboVM fully support Open GL ES 1.X yet? If not then I’ll just hold my horses, I don’t want to feel like I’m nagging or anything.

  7. 0.9.8 Limit fps code:
    long timeStart = System.currentTimeMillis();
    long timeTaken = System.currentTimeMillis() – timeStart;
    long sleepTime = (long) (1000/fps – timeTaken);
    if (sleepTime > 0) {
    try {
    } catch (InterruptedException e) {

    but now replace 0.9.9, Limit fps code is abnormal, how can I Limit fps in 0.9.9.
    sorry for my poor english.

  8. Just for fun: when I opened the gallery at this time (08/11/2013 14:30:04 UTC+07:00 Jakarta).
    “Take a look at all the awesome games that have already been made with libgdx. We have 404 games listed in this gallery.”

  9. Great work guys. The custom cursor is really aliased (jaggy), is there any way to anti-alias the pixmap?

  10. hello,
    Unity3d is closed source but there are lot of 3d racing games tutorial with source code
    libgdx is open source but there 3d racing game from xoppa but it is not open source
    is it logic? i think it’s badlogic!!!
    hope that it will change one day

  11. Hi Mario! Congratulations for this nice work.
    Mario, what do you think about creating a Monotouch service in the Clould to generate a game version that support the IOS platform?
    Best regards!

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