Support RoboVM (and get Java 8 and other Goodies)

Niklas is finally in a stage where we as a community can help out financially. Given the absolutely amazing support so far, i believe it’s our duty to contribute to the financial well-being of both Niklas and the RoboVM project.

You can support RoboVM by sponsorship. Sponsorship does not entitle you to any specific service. You will however get various discounts if you decide to buy a proper support package once they are available. You can find all details about sponsorship RoboVM’s sponsorship page.

Support packages will be offered starting in Q2 2014. RoboVM will stay OSS and will continue to be free for commercial and non-commercial use. Niklas will try to finance the project by providing support package subscriptions. Details about the content of such a subscription are still in the definition phase and will be revealed in Q2 2014.

I put 199€ of our libgdx funds towards sponsoring the project, as evident on the RoboVM sponsors page.

You can find Nikla’s annoucement on RoboVM’s blog.

Consider sponsoring this amazing project!

6 thoughts on “Support RoboVM (and get Java 8 and other Goodies)

  1. Why’s the robot in the picture flipping us off? 😉

    Very glad to hear it will continue to be OSS, and that he’ can get funds to continue working on it 😀 I plan on trying to out very soon!

  2. I want to support this too… But first I’ve to finish the game itself (Since I know me and my habit to finish NOTHING from those projects I started…), so I’ve got a question… Is there a way to test a project on iOS?

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