Libgdx minimal Android version is 2.2 from now on

Missleading screenshot

It had to happen. After years of refusing to drop support for Android 1.5 (yes, we actually supported this until today), we finally gave in and say good bye to support for our old Magics and HTC Heroes. It’s been a good ride, but all good things come to an end.

This change allows us to clean up a few things in the Android backend, before we move on and rip out OpenGL ES 1.x support for good.

There are also some other upcoming fancy things, like 3D particles, thanks to our awesome community members!

15 thoughts on “Libgdx minimal Android version is 2.2 from now on

  1. It had a good run. I’m now working on cleaning up the backend now that I can use newer methods. My goal is to keep using methods that are not deprecated to try to prevent a massive breakage if Google engineers decided they want to cause panic. Looking forward to the future. 😀

  2. I guess it’s finally time to learn shaders 😉
    Only 92% of Android devices are OpenGL ES 2.0, but that’s misleading with almost 8% supporting 3.0!
    At 0.1% only supporting 1.1 only, I guess it’s pretty safe to give up. But I still wonder if lower income places, who might only have access to lower spec’d devices can do 2.0. But at 0.1%, even they might be using openGL 2.0 😉

  3. Recently launched my 3D game on Android. Had to struggle a bit to incorporate 2D particles. Glad the 3D particles feature is out 🙂

  4. yes next can you make the ui better like make it scale (not just the picture) but the whole touch area and picture to what ever screen size is set thanks and progress is looking good.

  5. Good to drop 1.5, but why only 2.2. given that 4.0+4.1 still have 50% market share according to Google?

  6. In case someone missed it, Android 2.2 corresponds to API Level 8. Yes to progress, forward to the future!

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