Box2DLights fixed and moved to Github

Box2DLights is a popular 3rd party library by Kalle Hamalainen that gives you an easy way to setup 2D lighting with shadows in your libgdx game. Kalle’s been maintaining it over the years, some other folks contributed patches. However, as life goes, Kalle no longer has time to maintain it.

With Kalle’s permission, I moved the project from Google Code to Github, fixed up incompatibilities with the latest nightlies, and mavenized it. You can find and contribute to Box2DLights on Github.

Attention: making Box2DLights compatible with the latest libgdx nightlies meant removing GLES 1.x compatibiilty.

Note: the libgdx team is still not going to maintain box2dlights. However, the move to Github will make it very easy for box2dlight users to help maintain it.

5 thoughts on “Box2DLights fixed and moved to Github

  1. Not gonna happen, you get both a zip and Maven artifacts, rebuild on each source change. No point in making it an extension.

  2. @badlogic:disqus The question was about moving Box2D to an extension, not making Box2D Lights an extension.

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