First annual libgdx spring cleaning

In preparation for our 1.0 release, we are cleaning up our main repository and throwing out things that are no longer supported. Here’s what’s moved or removed.

  • All demos have been moved out of the main repo, gradelized and added as separate repos on Github. You can find them here
  • The gdx-audio and gdx-image extensions have been removed. gdx-audio may come back in some shape or form
  • gdx-remote has been removed and is likely not coming back
  • gdx-texture-packer-gui has been removed and is likely not coming back (unless Obli appears again)
  • gdx-tiled-preprocessor has been merged into the gdx-tools project, everything’s in one place now

You may kick and scream due to the removal of some of these things, but the truth is that they haven’t been changed in years and there was no user feedback at all. Feel free to fork an older ligbdx commit, pull out the things you need and maybe put them up on Github.

16 thoughts on “First annual libgdx spring cleaning

  1. Nice to see a much needed cleanup! Too bad i don’t have much time in my hands to help you out guys, would really love to contribute more.. so maybe not the best timing but..
    I can see you are going towards some sort of semantic versioning, you may find useful a tool i wrote back in January to help me manage version strings with git automatically: it works well with Semantic Versioning, but custom version schemes are also supported ( ): it’s simple to use and you can write custom templates to keep in sync the version information blob at each commit.
    Feel free to give it a go if it’s the case and let me know of any problem you may have, i’ll gladly accept critiques and patches!

  2. I use Texture packer on “daily basis”, would be good to have always access to it somewhere / not remove it completely. The same with Hiero for fonts.

  3. We can put the code in a separate repo? It’s just that nobody on the core team will maintain it.

  4. Neither texture packer nor audio nor Hiero have been removed, gdx-audio was an extension, you probably never even knew it was there. texture packer gui was a UI on top of texture packer by a 3rd party.

  5. I’ve meant the Texture packer gui, the one done by Aurelien. Its a great utility.

    It could also be, if there has been no feedback, that things work just perfectly fine, consider that ooption too. People complain if something doesnt work, but praise much less when things work smoothly.

  6. The copy in the libgdx repo wasn’t even up to date with Aurélien’s. No sense in keeping an older copy around just because.

  7. Because it hasn’t been maintained in over 2 years, it’s lacking a lot of functioinality and didn’t appear to useful for 99% of people. If you fork it and maintain it we’ll be super happy!

  8. Even if just a gui over a 3rd party tool, it was doing great job. I hope to still be able to find it in separate repo when I need it.
    Same for gdx-audio. Was working great for me.
    Anyway thx for the great work.

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