LibGDX 1.0 delayed for a bit (moving Box2D to an extension)

For our 1.0 release, we want to make sure everything is nice and tidy. As such, we want to move out Box2D to an extension, just like gdx-bullet. This change is made possible by our new setup-ui which generates Gradle projects. Tomski’s been hard at work making that more flexible, allowing you to select extensions you want to include and platforms you want to build for.

For users of the old setup-ui this means you’ll have to add the box2d jars manually to your project. We’ll update the wiki with appropriate information once that change is live. We’ll also post here about it.

There’s also a few other loose ends we want to clean up, mainly website and wiki content related. I also have to redo the getting started videos due to Tomski’s new additions.

Check out the 1.0 TODO list

5 thoughts on “LibGDX 1.0 delayed for a bit (moving Box2D to an extension)

  1. Sounds awesome! By using gradle you’re able to keep the core as compact as possible. Take your time!

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