Old Gdx-Setup-UI moved to separate project, deprecated

We putting all our eggs in the Gradle basket, effectively deprecating and moving the old setup-ui to a seperate repository. The repository has all the info you need to continue using the old setup ui. The project is also rebuild and redeployed by our build server everytime the source changes.

We will not maintain this project anymore, but will rely on the community to send PRs in case it breaks. Going forward, please use the Gradle based setup.

18 thoughts on “Old Gdx-Setup-UI moved to separate project, deprecated

  1. Anyone could try to explain to me the gradlethingies? I have no idea how to use this stuff, so I’m still using the old setup… =(

  2. Hurray for Gradle!!!
    Unfortunately old habits die hard. Hopefully on the first break many users will migrate to Gradle before someone fixes it. 🙂
    However, it’s a good idea to keep the old ui for Chinese users. But the reason why they can not use Gradle is not clear to me. Can someone explain please?

  3. I already did, but I did not understand anything. There isnt explained how to make gradle available for eclipse and such. (Import -> gradle project isnt available per default) It seems much more complex than the old thing…

  4. For this type of questions you have definitely a better chance to get an answer on the forum or the irc channel.

  5. Is there a way to make libgdx portable?
    I want to use it at the universite but all the pcs are frozen, if I download everything with gradle every time it will take forever (also the internet is pretty sh**y and the proxy blocks doesn’t help).

  6. Hi, my question is if appart from the setup-UI the process stays the same. I started developing with libGDX a few days ago. I’m still learning and noticed today that the setup is not working anymore like i was used to..

  7. You can put gradle into offline mode, “gradlew –offline” that will toggle it to no longer pull in the latest changes. As long as you have the dependencies you want downloaded in the first place.

    You can then refresh the dependencies manually with “gradlew –refresh-dependencies”

  8. great i have less problems with Gradle than the old set up but it did take me a bit to get a hang of it and figure the changes

  9. Why oh why? I used to setup a new libgdx project in under two minutes with this good old setup UI. Now I tried for an hour to setup a 1.0.1. project with gradle… When I finally got Gradle into Eclipse, managed to import the Gradle project and successfully build the model I simply get a NullPointerException after clikcing on “Finish” and nothing happens… life used to be so easy. I went back to 0.9.9 and tried the old setup, which cannot download anything anymore, so you have to manually add stuff like tween… Why oh why?

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