libGDX Bootcamp Hangout

I’ll be talking at [Istanbul Tech Talks]( next week. In preparation for that talk i wanted to test it with real people. So i asked our patrons to join me in a hangout, learn something (or not), then give feedback and finish of with a little Q&A. The whole content of the talk

  • Slidedeck, What is libgdx?
  • Quick run down on how to get started
  • Live-coding session of the game [“the plane that couldn’t fly good”](
  • Feedback and Q&A session

Here’s the full video (1:45h). Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “libGDX Bootcamp Hangout

  1. hope for some tiledmap demo about game!!thanks, i am a beginner, pixmap is a bit of pain for me- -!

  2. Hi! I have just watched this great tutorial.
    I like: demo, short introduction
    Cons: start, finish πŸ˜‰
    1. Open source paradigm (add short video like Gourced – can run in some corner of your slides).
    2. Also run demo in Web, iOS, Android
    3. Make speed compere
    4. Put some statistic lines of code, users, …
    5. Add future of LibGDX ….

    6. In slide where you mention developed games you can add statistic like 1,6% all games are developed in LibGDX
    7. In most game engine videos authors just copy prepared textures , sounds, .. For fun maybe you can draw one picture/logo and add it in corner of the game.

    Thanks, Mario

  3. Good luck Mario!
    Just do the opposite of what we did in Berlin 2013 πŸ˜€
    Concerning the test talk. I really enjoyed both parts, but you should maybe also cut the demo gaming a little.

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