Excelsior JET and libGDX – Help fund Save Life Foundation!


Many of you may already know Excelsior JET. For the few who haven’t heard of it, here’s the shortest possible description of what Excelsior JET does for you:

Excelsior JET enables you to distribute and deploy your Java™ applications as optimized native executables that start and work faster, do not depend on the JRE, and are as difficult to reverse engineer as if they were written in C++. Excelsior JET currently allows you to create native executables for Windows and Linux and will soon also support Mac OS X.

Dmitry and Excelsior LLC aren’t unknowns to the Java game development community. They’ve been roaming the Java Gaming forums for ages and have been very supportive to all kinds of folks, from amateurs to more established players. They are currently doing a fund raiser, and i think it’s a cause worthy of our support. Here’s the deal.

  • You pay whatever you want for an Excelsior JET license (Standard Edition, no support, commercial use permitted).
  • Excelsior donates the net price to the Save Life Foundation on your behalf. Save Life is a local charity that helps children and young adults fight cancer.

The fund raiser ends on the 31th of May 2014 so you have about two more weeks to do something good and get something awesome in return!

Cool, take me to the fund raiser!

I also wrote a little guide that walks you through your first Excelsior JET build!

14 thoughts on “Excelsior JET and libGDX – Help fund Save Life Foundation!

  1. 3000 for a licence? Are they insane? Professional music production software containing complex orchestra recording costs less than this.

  2. Well, it isn’t 3000$ if you donate now, but it is a turn off that they don’t have OSX yet.

  3. Absolutely. I would buy a couple of C++ books and start coding in it before paying such an insane amount of money.

  4. That’s why they have pay-what-you-want sales every now and then i guess. For non-enterprise users like you and me. But hey! it’s way more fun to shit on someone who’s been very generous to the community of the years, with a genuine interest in doing something good. Right?

  5. Is there a way to pay less than $10 (that seems like the lowest amount that can be paid)?
    I more or less just want to try it out and see if it gives me any advantages over using launch4j for run speed (besides the benefits of not needing to have any form of the JRE installed, the faster startup times, and protecting code from being decompiled).
    Looks cool, thanks for sharing it!

  6. I didn’t even realize I could pay 20$ for both Windows and Linux. At that price it makes sense even for a student with a hobby I guess.
    What about the Mac version? If I like this enough, there ought to be a Mac version I could buy without spending more money than I’ve ever earned 🙂

  7. I cannot provide a definitive answer at this point, Sorry. As things stand, there will be no 32-bit version of Excelsior JET for OS X, because there is no 32-bit Oracle JRE for OS X in the first place. Hence there will be no Standard Edition, which is what is included in the Charity Bundles.
    That said, you will definitely have two options that have been available for years for the Windows and Linux versions. First, we provide free copies of the Professional Edition to public non-commercial projects that have decent Web presence and agree to link back. Second, we have a discount program for early-stage startups and other very small businesses. I linked to both from my answer above.

  8. Just brought the charity pack, so I’m joining the Beta program to get the OSX version.

  9. Wow, didn’t know we had so many ingrates in the community O_O
    I’m not exactly sure what this thing actually does, does it make a difference on mobile devices? I’m gonna buy a license anyway since it’s for charity 😀 and I get something back. Win, Win.

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