libGDX 1.2.0 Released

libGDX 1.2.0

It’s the time of the month again, here’s our latest release. What’s new, what’s changed?

There’ve also been a couple of bug fixes as usual. To update to the latest libGDX version, follow this wiki article. The latest snapshot version is now “1.2.1-SNAPSHOT”.

Happy coding!

12 thoughts on “libGDX 1.2.0 Released

  1. Just finished designing and implementing a generic FSM in our game. Relieved to see many of the same solutions and considerations in your design.

  2. Great job! Just integrated into my current project. Love how easy Gradle made it. Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Ask either on the forum or the irc channel. If you’re sure it’s a bug post on the issue tracker instead.

  4. I have use 1.2.1-SNAPSHOT, but I don’t choose any Extensions.
    The eclipse show “StateMachine cannot be resolved to a type”.
    How can I use gdx-ai ?

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