Ingress launches on IOS – powered by libGDX

Google’s augmented reality game Ingress has launched on iOS. It appears to be using libGDX on iOS as well, which means it either runs on the old Xamarin backend or our more stable and faster RoboVM backend (performance seems to indicate the latter). Here’s a pic of the credits on my old iPad2:

It’s gonna be interesting to follow the reviews on the App Store.

6 thoughts on “Ingress launches on IOS – powered by libGDX

  1. Congrats.. That’s pretty neat! I’m actually starting my first cross-platform libgdx project for a client this week. Gotta see first hand all the goodness.. 😀

  2. News like this one, inspiring me to use LibGDX. It proves, LibGDX- great choice for cross platforms game development. I’m so exciting about it. Hope I finish my first game soon and will run it on Iphone also.

  3. I use coco2d-x and Unity in my work but this news makes me really want to learn libgdx, too!

  4. This is great news for me. We are working on our first game using libgdx. Thanks and keep good work !!!

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