libGDX wins Duke’s Choice Award

Damn right. The Duke’s Choice Award is an anual thing given out by a jury of judges as well as the community to projects from the Java realm based on various criteria. It’s one of the biggest honors you can get in the Java world. Here’s the Java Magazine article on the winners, including my ugly face, Robotality’s Halfway and Interrupt’s Delver (which you should both buy and play the hell out of):

The story behind that photo is actually quite funny. Oracle send a photographer from the Netherlands to my place in Graz, via car. He took about 500 images. I felt very special that day…

Thanks to all the contributors, this award goes out to all of you (you can put it on your resume :D).

14 thoughts on “libGDX wins Duke’s Choice Award

  1. Congrats! It’s nice to see you guys get some recognition for all the hard work that’s been poured into this.

  2. I guess the other winning guys were less pretty, that they chose your face to be on the magazine 😀

  3. Mario – I don’t think any of us can adequately describe how special you are and how magnificent an achievement libGDX is. Congratulations seem barely sufficient. Thank you.

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