libGDX 1.5.6 Released

libGDX 1.5.6

Time for a new release. Just because Nate couldn’t stop refactoring. Welp, that, and there’s a new RoboVM release! More on that below.


Note: Make sure to update your RoboVM Eclipse plugin to 1.1.0! There’s now also a RoboVM IntelliJ IDEA plugin!

Let us know if you run into any issues. See this wiki article on how to update your libGDX project to the latest version. The current libGDX version is “1.5.6”, the current nightly version is “1.5.7-SNAPSHOT”, OR you can just check our versions page which details all the versions of dependencies as well.

What i’ve been up to (RoboVM 1.1 released, 50% off :D)

My day job for the past months has been working on RoboVM. I’ve been responsible for implementing the debugger, the IDEA plugin, fixing bugs here and there, and am currently involved in the documentation effort. Today, we released version 1.1, and that comes with a super huge feature: Interface Builder support!

Interface Builder is part of Xcode and allows Objective-C/Swift folks to design their iOS UIs visually and simply wire things up with code. We now support doing the same, and it’s very nifty. Check out this walk through of Interface Builder basics:

This is a really big productivity boost for RoboVM users. Interface Builder integration is free for everyone, including RoboVM users that only use the open-source core, until the 1st of May. So, if you feel curious about iOS development, install the RoboVM plugin for your preferred IDE, and give the tutorials on your documentation page a try. Would love to hear feedback!

Why am i telling you this? libGDX folks publishing to iOS use RoboVM under the hood. You don’t need to pay a single dime for that. The core of RoboVM is open-source and free as in beer, no strings attached. However, obviously we RoboVM folks need to put food on the table as well. So, if you want debugging and Interface Builder support, you have to subscribe for a license.

Doing a release is a lot of sweat and tears. Once you press the button, you loosen up a bit and feel really happy. We do share this feeling with our community through happy tweets and blog post. However, we can do better.

If you sign up for a Solo or Startup license until the 1st of May 2015, you get a 50% discount

Head over to the RoboVM release blog post to get more info.

Until then, happy coding!

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