A “Thank You” from RoboVM to the libGDX community

Update: post any questions on this forum thread. I already tried to cover most of the concerns, don’t hesitate to bring up more concerns.

Since early 2014, RoboVM has been our weapon of choice to deploy libGDX games on all kinds of iOS devices.

The libGDX community has been a vital part in the development of and improvements made to RoboVM over the past 2 years. You guys have provided invaluable feedback and helped build a community around RoboVM itself, right next to our libGDX community.

Now it’s time to give back a little. The RoboVM team would like to thank you guys with a free license for use with libGDX. This license includes debugging support and can be used for building and publishing both commercial and non-commercial libGDX games, provided your team size does not exceed 3 developers (send a mail to hello@robovm.com if it does).

Going forward, you will need to enter a RoboVM license key to compile your libGDX/PlayN game. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up for a RoboVM account
  2. Activate your license (see below)
  3. Apply for a free indie license!

Once you got your license key, make sure you use the latest RoboVM version (1.9.0) and simply execute the following on the command line:

You can also activate your license key from within your IDE of choice. With the RoboVM IDE plugin installed, go to RoboVM -> License Manager and simply enter your code.

Your trial key will be updated to an indie license within the next 30 days without you having to take additional steps.

The license will be automatically renewed every year. You can use it for as many games as you want, no strings attached.

Happy coding!

51 thoughts on “A “Thank You” from RoboVM to the libGDX community

  1. Hmm good news! A bit to late for me since I already applied to the payed license.. Anyway you guys deserve every coin you can get for the great work πŸ™‚ Hopefully this will increase the community even further.

  2. Very cool.. Definitely excited to see where RoboVM heads from here… Mario drop me an email if you are free for beers while at JavaOne; good luck w/ the presentations!

  3. Can you clarify upon “Going forward, you will need to enter a RoboVM
    license key to compile your libGDX/PlayN game”. Does that means once I
    start using the RoboVM IDE plugin, I can’t compile my games on another
    machine without a license?

  4. Oh…. Xamarin I see… :O I hope you guys get to stay on the one true (Java) path… ;P I had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn’t April… Congrats though RoboVM et al glad to see that things are going to continue to operate as two separate units.

  5. Totally! I’ll have a get together with the old PennyPop crew. Would be cool to have you tag along! I’ll pibg you when i know date/time/location.

  6. No, use it with however many games you want! We just like playing games, which is why we asked for one. If you are only planning on a game ignore it, same for website etc. πŸ™‚

  7. You can use a license on two machines. If you want to use it on a third you’ll have to deactivate it on one of the others. Shot RoboVM a mail if you have truely special circumstances.

  8. If roboVM could be more liberal, just put a license key integrated into roboVM backend of libgdx, and libgdx users just do not need to config or worry about the license key, which should be better for the whole community, and libgdx people will like this more, definetely!

  9. You should have gotten a license key when you registered, via email. Next you fill out the form. We are currently doing this manually, and are a little overwhelmed with the number of applications πŸ™‚ please give us 1-2 weeks. You can alreqdy use the key without limitations.

  10. So maybe I am just an idiot but I can’t register at the forum linked in the post because of the question “What’s the current libgdx version, format x.x.x, e.g. 0.8.1:” It appears to be 1.6.1 but that answer is not accepted.

  11. Dear Sir i am planning to publish iOSs game using LIBGDX on apple store as i already programmed game on ubuntu with Eclipse and gradle extension. As we need to compile the game on Mac for ios. Can you please tell me, if i want to publish the game on Iphone Store, which type of license of roboVM required? SOLO Or Business? I am asking this because i am indie developer and in the Solo license feature is not supported for eclipse. please suggest me, Thanks

  12. The eclipse IDE option doesn’t seem to work for me – RoboVM>>Lisence Manager doesn’t popup any window (yes, I looked at the alt+tab).

    I am also not sure how ;
    “./gradlew :activateLicense” command is supposed to work.

    Probably being stupid but “./” ? from what directory?

    (running Windows10 / Eclipse Mars )

  13. That’s actually not why. A competitor was exploiting the free version, selling their stuff to their customers, without their customers needing a RoboVM license. This would have happened regardless of the acquisition. Does it suck? Yes. However, developing something like RoboVM costs money, as much as people think that everything in life should be free. So it’s either trying a different business model, or not having RoboVM at all.

  14. Hey, you’ll need a Mac for iOS development (thanks Apple). The ./ stands for any of your project’s root directories. You only need to do this once on a specific computer.

  15. Oh, yes that’s true. You can do all the Java-side work on Windows/Linux as well. But if you want to test on the iOS simulator or a device, or if you want to deploy to the App Store, you’ll need a Mac.

  16. Ok. Got it……
    …but that RoboVM>>License Manager button should still work in windows right ? Else why even have the menu there at all?
    I hoped to register my license now even if I wont be working on a iOS deployment for awhile yet.

  17. We usually don’t test on Windows, so it might not work there. No worries, you can register your license whenever you get to iOS.

  18. My code in robovm still shows as trial, it’s been 6 days since I applied for license. Will it be changed to indie version when trial days are over or is there chance that license is denied? Didn’t receive confirmation email or anything I was using earlier version of robovm at the time since 1.9.0 was not yet out for the IntelliJ. Thanks.

  19. We are currently processing the applications manually. We’ll make it automatic next week. Please be patient, you can use the trial in the meantime.

  20. Hello, all.
    I am developing on Ubuntu-Eclipse-libgdx games and recently, I acquired an IMac for developing android games.
    I’m thinking to compile my new android-libgdx game to iphone or ipad.
    I read about RoboVM, but I’m a mess about RoboVM.
    I just wish to convert my finished android-libgdx project game to iphone or ipad.
    If I have a iMac, what RoboVM tools should I download? Only the RoboVM Eclipse plugin?
    If I have a finished a project in android-libgdx, how can I compile to iphone or ipad ?
    Please, could you insert a link with more information? I do not know the world of Apple :C
    All the best.

  21. I have appled for a license but got no luck so far .I used robovm to make libgdx games from 1.0 beta 3!

  22. Any idea why I can’t activate licence?

    I get error:

    Task ‘activateLicense’ not found in root project ‘MyProject’.

  23. How will I know that I received the license? After applying someone from RoboVM has contacted me to say something more about my project. Should I wait?

  24. May I ask is it still valid to free of use RoboVM for libGDX project? My license key is expired in January 2016, no auto update the license to indie (even I have apply the free license), the RoboVM plugin told me the key is revoked. Thanks

  25. Hello, my trial license has expired, and i applied for an indie one. Thing is, i didn’t receive any email or confirmation, and if i try to enter my key, it’s revoked. I even tried to register to robovm from my wife’s email, but still, no email confirmation or activation. Can someone help me ? Thank you in advance.

  26. Same here. It looks like more people are posting the same issue, in addition to not getting a trial license.

  27. Still not working for me, applied Monday night(4 days ago), even signed up for a new account as well…. no emails, nothing.

    Anyone know any similar system we could use just to get our games updated? I don’t need to debug it or anything. Just my iOS users have been waiting a week for the update the Android users have already had πŸ™

    (I was planning on delays with the app store processing it, but thought roboVM would still work)

  28. With not being able to compile for 2 weeks already (after it working great a year ago), it puts a whole different perceptive on the title:
    “A β€œThank You” from RoboVM to the libGDX community”.
    I keep reading it as:
    “A big β€œF**k You” from RoboVM to the libGDX community”.
    ( license no longer valid, can’t get a new license, can’t get gradle command that worked before for registering a license)

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