libGDX 1.7.1 released

libGDX 1.7.1

Update your project as usual.

If you are deploying to iOS, you’ll now need a free RoboVM license key. You can find all info on this change in this blog post. I also updated all our docs with all the info you need to get this going. You can now use debugging on iOS!.

Happy coding!

13 thoughts on “libGDX 1.7.1 released

  1. Building fails with the LibGDX project generator when trying to include the Tools extension with this version. Tested with 1.7.0 and it’s working fine there.

  2. Anyone else seeing a pretty substantial drop in FPS when running on the desktop, after updating to 1.7.1? I’ve always had no problem achieving 60fps on desktop and Android; now desktop fluctuates between 40 and 50fps whilst still running at a smooth 60fps on Android. I’ll delve deeper tomorrow, and try reverting to 1.7.0 for a more detailed comparison…

  3. Ok, thanks. I’ve not changed anything in my project since updating from 1.7.0 and the FPS difference was instantly noticeable, but I must confess I’ve not yet had a chance to check my facts. I probably should have held off before posting. I’ll check things out tomorrow. Apologies for the noise if that is the case.

  4. Just weird because the nightlies do the same thing as what I wanted, but somehow it’s too much to slap the release version there… I’m sure I’m missing something though. Sorry if I come off as rude/ungrateful. I definitely appreciate the monumental efforts that go into LibGDX!

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