libGDX 1.9.0 released

libGDX 1.9.0

Hurray, a new release 😀

- API Change: Lwjgl3ApplicationConfiguration#setBackbufferConfig -> setBackBufferConfig
- Fixed HexagonalTiledMapRenderer, see
- Added support for locking the screen orientation in GWT, see
- Added Gdx-Kiwi and gdx-lml to extensions, see
- Added Gyroscope support in Input, implemented for Android, see
- Fixed touch mapping on iOS, see
- Added orientation to Box2D Transform class, see
- Added system cursors to GWT, fix 'Ibeam' system cursor not working on LWJGL3.
- Added experimental AndroidApplicationConfiguration#useGL30 and IOSApplicationConfiguration#useGL30 for testing OpenGL ES 3.0 support on mobile devices, do not use in production.
- Fix broken kerning for FreeType fonts, see
- Added ARM64 and x86_64 binaries for Android

The biggest change is the addition of binaries for ARM64 and x86_64. The amount of devices sporting these architectures is now big enough for us to include the respective binaries. You can still ignore them by removing the respective entries in the build.gradle file.

BTW, the libGDX jam is now in the rating phase. Register with, and hop over to the entries to play and rate all those games!

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