libGDX 1.9.2 released

libGDX 1.9.2

And another release!

- Added TextureArray wrapper see
- Fixed bug in AndroidGL20.cpp which cast a pointer to a 32-bit int. Crash on 64-bit ARM, but only for a specific code path and address...
- Fixed multiple controllers registering on same index with LWJGL3, see

The most notably change is the fix to AndroidGL20.cpp. On 64-bit ARM/x86, a code path in AndroidGL20.cpp would sigseg. The culprit?

The code in AndroidGL20.cpp is based on the original Android OpenGL ES 2.0 JNI wrapper. The code was adapted at a time where 64-bit was a few years away on Android. Welp, it’s fixed now 🙂

Please update your projects as usual.

3 thoughts on “libGDX 1.9.2 released

  1. Yey! I thought I was going mad when my Nexus 7 was fine but my Nexus 5X was going funky on start, with the default project.

    Yey to the libGDX overlords

  2. Last LibGDX release was Feb 6? Today is March 23. What’s the ETA on the next release?

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