OMG Ponies!

I was approached yesterday by a nice guy who’s well known in the “real” game development world. He asked me if i’d be interested in porting one of his games to Android and we had a phone talk about that today. We didn’t finalize anything but just got to know each other. If everything goes fine i’ll dedicate the next couple of months to the port. That means that libgdx might get less updates (or more if i decide to use it for the port, which is likely). In any case the frequency of my posts will probably get lower a bit as i have to balance my spare time between the port and quality time with Stefanie, music stuff and family business (note that this list is not in any specific order). I’m really looking forward to this. It is way to early to talk about specifics and i guess it will be kept secret for quiet some time. Anyways, that’s what the future might bring.

If you read this Mr. Mystery, i hope you don’t mind me talking about it in that way 🙂

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