libgdx changes its license

Seeing how LGPL is not all that suitable for Android many people suggested i should change the license of libgdx. Well, so i did. By popular request libgdx is now under the Apache License 2.0. What does this mean to you? We’ll i’m not a laywer so take all this with a grain of salt.

The license basically states you can do with the source whatever you want, copy it, modify it, include it in open and closed source projects without getting infected by the license itself. All that is asked is that you

  • include the license file in your project
  • retain all copyright notices of my (modified) source files
  • if you chose to contribute your contribution will the Apache 2.0 licensed to

Given that this is an open source effort i urge you to contribute any generally valuable changes back to the project. Note that there is no requirement to do so. It would just be fair given that i put a lot of effort into this.

Have fun with your new commercially useable open source library 🙂

4 thoughts on “libgdx changes its license

  1. Thank you Mario. This is great old news. Open source is great, generous and the whole community benefits in ways that are not immediately obvious – but it does come with some responsibility: everyone should contribute what they can 🙂

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