libgdx release 0.6

It’s been a while since the last libgdx release. Today we celebrate the release of libgdx version 0.6. Lots of bug fixing, especially with respect to the box2d wrapper which seems to be quite robust now.

One new feature is a simple to use AudioRecorder which you can instantiate via the Audio interface.

Another new feature are some changes in the Box2D API. Fear, i only added new stuff and didn’t change old stuff. The most notable additions here are the Box2DDebugRenderer, which allows you to easily visualize your box2d world as well as the implementation of the Body.getTransform() method which is needed if you want to get the position and orientation of a fixture attached to a body. Check out the Box2DDebugRenderer on how that can be used for this purpose. Of course the Transform class is also properly implemented. The rest of the changes are mainly bug fixes.

What’s maybe interesting for many of you out there are the extensive examples for box2d with libgdx that you can now find in the test project. I talked about them in the last post, so i won’t do it again here.

What’s next? libgdx 0.7 will get multi-touch support (which frankly is nothing anyone sane would use at this point in time given the lack of proper multi-touch devices apart from the Samsung Galaxy S and DroidX). Xavier already started on TMX tile map support, i have yet to look into that. Finally the MD2 loader will get included in stock libgdx.

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  1. Thanks! I had looked at libgdx for box2d support a while back, but since it was missing the fixture position methods I couldn’t use it. Now that those methods are added, I was able to easily port my app from the pure Java JBox2D to libgdx, which greatly increased performance.

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