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  1. Hello,

    I just want to congratulate you for the courage you had to start your own firm and do Android Development. I find myself in the same situation as you have, wanting to start my own mobile software development, but am faced with a difficult decision: whether to buy a Mac and start doing Iphone development, or use my windows machine to do Android apps. I have experience in both Java and C++, also OpenGl, so it does not is not a question of experience do help me decide. Like you in the beginning I don’t have a lot of money to invest, but I can not help but be mesmerized by the huge user-base of the Iphone.

    In the end it is all about the amount of revenue I can make from Iphone or Android. So… without being to nosy, can you tell me if it is worth(money wise) to start doing Android Apps, I am not looking to earn millions, a couple of thousand euros per application should be enough to sustain my family.

    Thanks for any response you might give me!

    PS. I find it interesting that the chosen name for my own company is RedLogicGames :p

  2. First of let me say that i’m probably not the best person to ask this question, i have yet to publish a paid application on the android market. Also, i do this in my spare time, it’s not an actual business i’m running.

    Here’s my opinion, your mileage may vary: I think at the moment it is probably more lucrative to get onto the IPhone train. As you stated, the user base is a lot bigger for the IPhone and people seem to be more willing to pay for applications (this might also have to do with the fact that you can’t get refunds within 24 hours as it’s possible on Android). In the long term i think Android will catch up in the next 1-2 years, but i’m no analyst, it’s just a feeling i get when i look at different growth figures.

    The name coincidents is indeed funny :p I was here first! heh

  3. Hello Mario,

    Today I quickly looked through your code that came with libGDX.
    Although I could only find many ‘so’s instead of the source
    of the library itself, I know very well that you’re
    trying to encapsulate the JOGL layers as well as OpenGL ES.
    (from my understanding taking a look at the “HelloWorld” code)

    My point is that I’d rather prefer software emulation layer
    implementation of JOGL over OpenGL ES in Android to building up
    another framework.
    The particular reason I’d like it better is some real libraries
    bundled officialy like xj3d actually heavily depend on JOGL.

    xj3d will provide loading function of 3D models and
    realizing them in OpenGL (not ES) for games and entertainment.

    Are you going to plan for such a thing?

    # I was impressed there’re gl-developers in Austria.

    Lewske “Ryu” Wada
    – Run Microsystems
    – Agilent Technologies Japan

  4. Hello Mario.

    I don’t know where i could ask you some questions ( i didn’t find your mail address or a forum, tought a libgdx forum would be very great for help ) so i ask them here.

    I did probably discover some bugs in the box2d integration :

    – The “filter.groupIndex” Fixture parameter do not seems to work (so we can’t create/set a fixture with parameters, and the body can’t collide )

    – The “setMassFromShapes” body function is not implemented (maybe it’s normal ? )

    – It seems that prismaticjoints are not working correctly, i can’t say much but it don’t work as it should (the code i’m using work on jbox2d/box2d).

    If needed i could send you a sample code with this problems.

    Else thanks for your really great work, can’t wait for this problems to be solved so i can switch from jbox2d to gdx 🙂

  5. Hi David,

    our e-mail address is in the last paragraph of the above About text (badlogicgames@gmail.com or contact@badlogicgames.com).

    I saw your bug reports on the issue tracker. If you have any code samples let them come my way 🙂

    I’ll try to fix stuff tomorrow/this weekend

  6. Mario!

    I just wanted to thank you so much for writing such a great book. It’s been my favorite technical book I’ve ever read. The book was entertaining, fun, informative, and laid out in a great fashion. Below is my review I left at amazon and for you to use if you ever need. I doubt you will because you already have so many great ones! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and keeping the open source movement alive.

    — REVIEW —
    This really is a great book for beginning Android and in general, all gaming development. With this book you will follow Mario and his great sense of humor through game development concepts from scratch to using the framework you create.

    With this book you learn the nuts and bolts of creating a great gaming framework. Mario goes step by step through creating a nice framework. He provides great detail in the examples and always gives a thorough explanation. You’ll start at the lowest level and build up. Learning this way will allow you to learn the concept and build upon then. Eventually you start building a framework and continue to reuse the code through out the book.

    This book is laid out great and really builds upon itself. Mario is a great teacher and has an excellent way of making the material fresh and fun. His approach is engaging, entertaining, and will keep you wanting to move from chapter to chapter. I have never enjoyed a technical book so much and never read through one so fast.

    Thanks Mario!

  7. Hallo Mario,
    ich finde den Schritt mit der Dokumentations-Initiative eine sehr gute Idee. Das Framework ist absolut gelungen und toll aufgebaut. Es gibt auch sehr viele gute youtube Videos von dir zu dem Thema, die Wiki, die Users-Wiki, etc.
    Es fehlt allerdings (meiner Meinung nach) das Dach über all diese Dinge. Eine gut aufbereitete, schnelle, online verfügbare API die kein “pain in the butt” ist. Sorry. 😀 Extrem gut aufbereitetes Learning Center inkl. API, Video Section, Beispiele inkl. Code, Tutorials und Migrationsanleitungen für das Javascript-Framework ExtJS gibts auf http://docs.sencha.com/ext-js/4-1/ –> das ist absolut toll zum Einlernen und hat mich wahnsinnig schnell auf Track mit diesem Framework gebracht. Bei libgdx hab ich da leider etwas länger gebraucht (bzw. bin ich auch noch nicht auf der Höhe auf der ich gern wäre).
    Falls du Interesse hättest, selbst ein vergleichbares APO/Learning Center wie die ExtJS Jungs auf die Beine zu stellen und du willst das nicht allein machen, schreib mir. Bin St. Pöltner, vielleicht kömma ja mal was arrangieren.
    Gratulation nochmal zu dem gelungenen Framework! Ziehe meinen Technikerhut!!
    LG, Michael

  8. Hey Mario,

    As a designer with a love for coding, your book is perfect for me to get started making a little android game, many thanks! 🙂

  9. Hi Mario,

    Awesome book on game programming really loved it.

    Could you suggest books which can be read in order of difficulty to become a pro….


  10. hi… I tried to register .. as far as i know the current version of libGDX is 0.9.7 .. however I liked your book Beggining android games a lot… I am very ingratitude to you..but finding no way to ask you a small question..Plz help me.. I am a beginner and a 3rd year student in Computer science..i am crazy about game development.. Plz suggest me on how can i get a brief answer to my question

  11. I am talking about the SuperJumper game in your book … I am trying to put an animated image of Bob in the MenuScreen but it’s not getting animated .. in place of stateTime …i am incrementing 0 by System.nanotime() …what’s the problem?
    Secondly … I want to convert the SuperJumper game to landscape mode…plz suggest very briefly how to do that… I will be very grateful to be helped by anyone … thanks a ton in advance.

  12. Hi,

    My name is Tyler Tatge and I’m the regional director of STEM
    Fuse, the fastest growing education company in the United States, we develop
    K-12 STEM curriculum. We are in 3,700 schools, all 50 states, and 7 countries.
    150-250 schools are implementing our game design course a month. We are looking
    for a new game development engine and a company to partner with. We would build
    a course around your game engine and would promote your company throughout our
    semester long course. 100,000 students a year would use the game engine. If this interest you or someone you may know, contact me at tyler.tatge@stemfuse.com and I can write up a proposal.

  13. Just wanted to say that I am just starting to use libgdx for the first time, and it is amazing. I have been going through some of the tutorials and everything is so easy to understand and easy to implement and it works great. You have really got a great thing going and you should be very proud! Thank you for your contributions

  14. Hi Mario,

    I’m reading your book now… well, it’s amazing.
    Just wanted to say thanks 🙂

    Greetings from Italy!

  15. Hi Mario,

    Greetings from the UK. Bought your book and really struggling in the 3D part. Realized I’m not as smart as I need to be LoL, but all life is progressive 😀
    I really enjoy it though, and I thank you personally for the engine and the work you’re putting into it.

    I wanted to know your current opinion on making games for Android in comparison to the post you made 4 years ago?

  16. harlo. im wondering if u can create any shortcut in the app for any of the game in the beginning android games. if so, where should i put it? in which file? especiall ytell me for chapter 04 and chapter 07 one.

  17. Hi… I start with LibGDX and I checked the external Open Source Projects…

    Your Git Wiki Page…


    (Startign from the End of the Page -> going up…)

    LackOFCivilisation – No Source anymore

    OIA – Does not look like a valid Libgdx Project… ?!?

    Cornelis removed the source

    https://github.com/adketuri/onlinerpg <


    I guess you mixed up a link to a game made with LibGDX (Umbra) and the game Libgdx game connect four from the owner of the Github account.

    Hope that helps… Thanks for your work

    Best regards Dirk aka "MeAtHome"

  18. Thank you for writing this book, it’s gotten me started a nice project. one stumbling block I”m still trying to overcome thought. What is the proper way to show an AlertDialog.builder from a screen object class? When the user is interacting with a screen and more information is needed, I want to pop up a dialog to get that information, but it never works. Have any suggestions?

  19. Just wanted to thank you like everyone else. It’s been a crazy ride to put a game together, a lot of fixes here and there, and some more to go, loads of help from forums and community. I’ll be making my first donation as soon as I cash something from my first game 😉

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