Here’s the list of currently available Badlogic Games. Click on the Images to go to the game’s respective sites.

Newton (Android, Windows, Linux, Mac)

Quantum (Windows, Linux, Mac)
Source Code (Warning old and terrible!)

25 thoughts on “Games

  1. Seriously, is it possible to make a living out of making games for Android? I don’t mean getting rich, just making like $3000 us dls a month or so.

  2. $3,000 which is less than what a lot of people are making in Mexico selling food in a cart on the street of a small town.
    P.S. and maybe without a license.

  3. Hi, Mario! Why you don’t use a steam platform for sale your games? On the steam store some logical-indy games have a good rates.(sorry for my english).

  4. Hi Mario,

    don’t demotivate your users… 😉

    It is possible to make 3000$ and far beyond if you have a nice game.

  5. I think Mario’s comment was referring to Mexican street vendors’ making 3K/mo vs.demoralizing his users 😉

  6. Hey all, I just recently created and released my first game, using LibGDX! Which is, I’ll be honest, an absolutely fantastic framework. It was a great learning experience (I used to dabble in C++ when I was younger and never once actually completed anything). Now I have ideas up my sleeve and a healthy dose of unemployment so plenty of motivation to try and get some games out on the market :).

    You can get the shareware version of my game at – There are no ads or microtransactions, which to me are things that are destroying the gaming industry so that’s something I will never do in any of my games.

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