libgdx 0.3 release

Did you notice? No post yesterday! Expect more of this in the future, i’m currently extremely busy.

I just released libgdx version 0.3 which features a shitload of new things:

  • full managed resources, Mesh, Texture, ShaderProgram, SpriteBatch and FrameBuffer. Never ever be scared again by OpenGL context losses on Android
  • Nice shiny new classes for specifying and rendering meshes (Mesh), creating shaders (ShaderProgram), drawing sprites and text in a unified and performant manner (SpriteBatch) and frame buffer objects (FrameBuffer). Awesome!
  • The Mesh, Texture and SpriteBatch classes work in both OpenGL ES 1.x and OpenGL ES 2.0 so it’s easy to support old and new platforms, getting the most out of them
  • Many new tests and sample codes. Browse the SVN source at

The API is now finished, all classes contained in release 0.3 will stay as they are, the only thing changing will be convenience methods for existing classes if needed that don’t break the old API as well as completely new classes that also don’t interfere with the old API design, e.g. GUI stuff.

I also updated the hello world project available at to show off how extremely easy it is to get up and running with libgdx. Here’s the source code for it:

It shows off a couple of things: how to load fonts and draw text via the SpriteBatch and Font classes, how to load Pixmaps and create Textures out of them, some mathy stuff with Vector2, how to draw textured quads with SpriteBatch and finally how to get access to the OpenGL API directly. Please report any bugs to I’ll try my best to iron them out but please understand that my time is limited at the moment. Read the documentation in the source, go over the examples provided in the source and be happy! Here’s the resulting scene:

Want to be a Newton Level Designer?

Newton has been out since the 24th of december, and the code for it is finished since mid january. We have 29 additional levels now, a level editor, in game level sharing etc. Still, 29 levels is not enough to ask people to pay. Stefanie are currently really busy with real life stuff and barely find the time to do anything Newton related. Before Newton dies i want to give a shout out to you. If you want to do levels for Newton and get a percentage from the income a paid version generates drop me a line at or post a comment below. We need another 40-50 levels which can be easily created with a desktop level editor (Which is the same that is included in the Android version). I can’t offer a fixed sum of money to you as my budget is more than limited. However, i’d share 10% of the income Newton generates. We’d setup a simple one page contract defining the terms of the collaboration. Here’s hope that there’s some awesome level designers among my readers 🙂