libgdx 0.9.6 released

GWT backend should be back to being functional, GwtTestWrapper doesn’t work for whatever fucking reason, demos work though.
GWT backend in nightlies has some issues at the moment, will resolve them once i’m back home…
nightlies are served, trunk compiles again!
itsy tiny update: trunk is broken, have to wait for Nate to wake up

Before Nate merges his scene2d refucktoring, we thought it would be a nice idea to push out one more release. I versioned it as 0.9.6, there aren’t any big additions in there compared to the last release apart from a few bug fixes by arielsan etc. There’s also a tag in SVN if you want to continue working and adding to that release.

Nate will now merge the scene2d-new branch with trunk. There are quite a few changes in there, so make sure you read the following blog posts:

Additionally, Nate added documentation for both scene2d and the ui package contained therein on the wiki.

May the FSM have mercy on us.